5 Easy SEO Wins You Can Implement Today

Do you want to get a better position as compared to your competitors by using SEO efforts? You can get powerful results with the execution of a number of SEO tactics. A lot of work is required to be done for doing correct SEO. Because of this sometimes, some shortcuts are taken by a number of people. For building links, a lot of effort needs to be put by you but the technique of link building helps you a lot. Now I will describe in detail the 5 easy SEO wins you can implement today. After implementing these you can give tough competition to others.

1. Trim down the low quality or outdated content

Sometimes it happens that your intentions behind creating the website content are good but a part of the content becomes garbage. This happens because of various reasons. Pruning this garbage part can be a solution. Some people hesitate to remove this garbage part. They think that leaving the content there will not harm their site. With the passing of time this thinking has been reinforced by Google again and again. But you will be surprised to know that your traffic and ranking can be impacted negatively because of a content that is of low-quality and is outdated.

  • How will you identify that a content needs to be trimmed down?

For doing this generating a URL’s list after crawling your site is needed. A tool known as Screaming Frog will help you in doing this. There are no chances of missing anything here. Now, find the low quality or outdated content by reviewing the URL list. For reviewing the content, a manual visit to every web page is necessary. With this, prioritizing the list will become possible. For your site Google may have indexed a number of URLs. Exporting the URL’s CSV file will be possible with the help of Google Search Console.

If there is no traffic for certain URLs then you have to evaluate these URLs. Use a page of high quality for redirection purposes so that you can redirect the content which you have to delete to this page. If you will redirect them to the homepage then it will be called as a misguided approach. So, avoid doing this. Do the redirection to a relevant page only.

2. Make improvements in the quality content

As per the needs of the visitors you have to improve your content. Google has a history of your content’s URL which is the advantage here. So, instead of starting from the beginning, improving the content will be a good idea. As per the circumstances you have to do the following things:

  • For increasing engagement and improving readability you have to edit the content.
  • Include PDFs, videos and images.
  • Include case studies, statistics, research and original data.

On the basis of easy and quick wins we can give priority to the content for making improvements. If we are not already ranking for certain topics then there is no need to target these. Also, if there are already higher-ranking positions then don’t focus on improving these. Now it’s time to use Google Search Console export. The search results having URLs ranking from 5th to 30th position may contain some data. You need to sort that data with the help of Google Search Console export. Then on the basis of potential search volume and relevance of the data we will do its further sorting.

From time to time you need to review internal links. For improving the ranking of certain pages use internal links. Also using direct links is very important.

URL A > URL B > URL C = Wrong

URL A > URL C = Right

Because of publishing, moving and deleting the content, this type of website problem arises. For identifying the redirect chains, you need to crawl the site and for this you can use SEMrush or Screaming Frog tools. In a WordPress site you can automate the task of managing internal links.

4. Improve loading speed of your web page

Your sales and leads can get affected if the loading time of your web page is longer. The faster websites rank well as compared to slower websites. However, you can improve the speed of a website. There are various ways of doing this:

  • Use good web hosting – Basically selling more and more services is the aim of a cheaper web host. They will provide you a site that will use a server already having a large number of sites. So, always use a good web hosting only.
  • Use as few HTTP calls as possible – An HTTP request is separately needed for every file of your site whether it is video, image, JavaScript, CSS or HTML file. Your website can run faster if it uses less HTTP requests. But what are the ways of doing this? Removing unnecessary plugins is the first step. Use a single JavaScript or CSS file by merging various JavaScript or CSS files.
  • Perform an optimization of media files – Larger videos and images on a site take a lot of space. An ideal format for the media files is always good. Proper sizing of media files is necessary. By compressing the bigger files, you can keep their size proper. For compressing the larger images, you can use a number of plugins of WordPress.

5. Schema Markup implementation

For increasing the visibility of your site in SERPs you need to implement schema markup. It will help you in getting an increased CTR. It is very simple to implement a schema. A number of scenarios exist for using it:

  • For SVG, HTML 4 and XML documents use RDFa schema.
  • For JavaScript use JSON-LD schema.
  • HTML use standard schema microdata.

Sometimes adding JSON to your site will be better. Sometimes on your site’s specific elements adding markup will be better. For some other documents adding RDFa will be better.

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