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Kolad Rafting

Kolad was once a peaceful fishing village along the Kundalika river. It is surrounded by paddy fields and lush forests, and remains cool and pleasant for most months of the year. However, with the growing popularity of camping and Kolad Rafting, it is now becoming one of the adventure hubs of Maharashtra. Travellers from Mumbai and Pune visit every weekend to enjoy the weather and the activities here.

Adventurous rafting on the Kundalika River

The river is usually serene and feeds the fields and greenery around. However, every morning, excess water from Bhira dam is released into the river, turning the river into a seething, churning beast for a couple of hours. This is when you’ll be river rafting in Kolad, enjoying a 12 km stretch with rapids of Grade II and III. When you’re safely past the rapids, your guide will allow you to jump in the water for a swim (with life jackets on).

Types of rapids on Kundalika River

The flow of the Kundalika River is controlled by a dam, hence the rafting sessions are conducted when the dam releases the water every morning and afternoon. This thrilling experience takes you through different levels of rapids, from Grade II to Grade III rapids. Grade II rapids are moderate, with slightly stronger waves and are a great way to perfect your manoeuvring skills. Grade II rapids are more challenging, with strong eddies, high waves and sudden falls. You need to be alert while entering these rapids and follow the instructor’s instructions.

Things to do in Kolad – a short adventure weekend getaway near Mumbai or Pune

Kolad is located in the midst of the Western Ghats, surrounded by greenery. You’ll do your rafting in the morning, and will have the rest of the day to enjoy. Most campsites and resorts offer a Kolad river rafting package with rafting as well as activities like kayaking, ziplining, and other fun outdoor activities. Meals are usually Maharashtrian cuisine, served at campsites, although you’ll have to pre-book. In the evening, a campfire and BBQ are the best way to enjoy the starry skies and the fresh air at your riverside campsite.

One day Kolad rafting package

A day picnic is one way to enjoy river rafting in Kolad. Leave early in the morning to make sure you arrive in Kolad by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m, so you’ll be in time for your rafting. The most economical Kolad river rafting package offers only rafting, but you can also book packages that include breakfast and lunch at a campsite nearby. This is a better option because you’ll be very hungry after your rafting session in Kolad, and there are not too many restaurants around. For those who want to stuff a lot of fun into one day, there are rafting packages that include adventure activities at the campsites.

Kolad rafting package with overnight stay

Kolad has a few picturesque campsites, some as large as 50 acres, located in the middle of hills or alongside the river. You can choose from Swiss tents, cabins, caravans, rooms, cottages or dorms, depending on your group size. You’ll eat lavish buffet meals, go rafting in Kolad, try your hand at all kinds of adventure activity, and spend time in nature.

Best time to go

River rafting packages in Kolad are available throughout the year, but the best time to go is during the monsoons. During this season, the Kundalika river is wild and rafting on it is an exhilarating experience. The surrounding landscape too is flourishing and turns into a green paradise. Winter is also a great season for rafting as the mornings are misty and the nights cool.

How to reach Kolad

Kolad is located at a distance of 120 km from Mumbai and 145 km from Pune and is well connected to the two cities by road and rail. You can reach Kolad by train as there are daily trains connecting to Kolad from Mumbai and Pune. You can also catch a state or privately run bus to reach Kolad. However, if you prefer to drive your own car, then you can reach Kolad by either of the two routes, one via Khapoli on the Mumbai-Goa road, and second from Khapoli Exit on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

You can also reach Kolad on your motorcycle as the route is quite scenic and makes for a great ride. And since motorcycles are not allowed on the expressway, you need to take the old Mumbai-Goa road to reach Kolad.

Things to keep in mind while Kolad rafting

While rafting in Kolad, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First and foremost is safety, so never remove your helmet or life jacket while on the raft and always follow the instructor’s directions. Next, do not carry expensive gadgets, jewellery, phone, etc. while rafting as you might lose it in the river. Also, wear clothes that are comfortable and non-restrictive along with sandals or light shoes which won’t fall off. Remember to carry some spare cash so you can have vadapav and water at the rafting endpoint.

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